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Carol Washington Consulting LLC

Managers do things right. Leaders do the right thing. 

Rules of Engagement Book Cover

Rules of Engagement 

Rules of Engagement is a biography that takes the reader through the journey of a Black Female Leader who attempts to teach the reader how to overcome both personal and professional obstacles in life. This book is a journalling tool that also allows the reader to reflect on their own experiences and begin to challenge themselves on their personal journey reflections.

Dear Black Man

Dear Black Man Book Cover

Dear Black Man is a compilation of letters and authentic heartfelt advice to all Black Men who read it. It is therapeutic for both men and women to read it, as it was written for the purpose of sharing real stories and emotions to heal the minds and souls of Black Men in America today, but also remind the reader of the importance of passing down advice, rituals and love from generation to generation

About Me

Carol Washington graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and a minor in Economics. She was recognized for her leadership experience and awarded the Eberly School of Business – Wall of Distinction in 2017. She was the first African American female to be recognized for such an achievement. She recently published her second book entitled Dear Black Man. She also launched her business consulting firm specializing in HR services, Training and Development, Leadership and Life Coaching and Board Development. She formerly served as the Director of Human Resources for The Wilson Group for two years. In 2014 she was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer for Life'sWork of Western PA after facilitating the merger of Life’sWork of Western PA and The NorthShore Community Alliance (NCA) where she served as the Executive Director for over nine years and served seven years as the Director of Human Resources. She is more than encouraged and supported by her family, her husband Melvin Washington and their only son Noah Elijah.

Hr Consulting

Individualized Subscription-Based Human Resource Service


Professional Development 

This training is offered to employers who seek clarification for their employees who are offered the opportunity to perform work, duties and assignments on site as well as remotely.

Leadership Coaching

 Tools for new and seasoned leaders seeking quality counsel and advisement.

Life Coaching to reach a healthy work/life balance.


Your Passion


“As a leader in the professional community of the Greater Pittsburgh area, I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Ms. Carol A. Washington for any mid-level or senior level employment opportunity.  Her professional track record is a profound example of the type of dedication and enthusiasm it requires for current and future leaders of this community. She is a dedicated and extraordinary professional team member that has the unique characteristics of a leader in both the for profit and non-profit arena. Her professional ethics, standards, and character speak volumes as to her ability to manage multiple tasks in a crisis environment. She has achieved this as well as the challenge to influence and positively alter our own professional culture.”
Carol's passion, dedication and expertise within the human services field is evidenced not only by her role and title, but by her genuine desire to help others. From impacting the lives and college/career aspirations of young adults (including me) who matriculated through the prestigious InRoads program in the late 90's--to managing an entire organization, its staff and community partnership--Carol is an asset to the Pittsburgh community

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