Human Resources Consulting Subscription

Automation of Payroll & Fringe Benefits

An analysis and combination of unique customized recommended services will provide feedback targeted to potentially decrease expenses, reduce additional personnel while outsourcing the accuracy and management through automation. This subscription will also provide onsite enrollment, training and ongoing support with individualized annual subscription. 

Onboarding and Employee Orientation

This subscription offers the onsite expedition of ensuring new employees are properly orientated to the organization. 

Exit Interviewing

This subscription includes onsite documentation of those employees who are transitioning to another employment alternative.

Policy and Procedure development

In collaboration with current owners and/or Management: create and/or revise the organization policies and employee handbook. 

Credential Verification

In accordance with applicable job description and state laws that mandate specific licensures, permits and certifications per occupational standards,

Benefits analysis

Subscription to this service includes a search of current third party brokers who will identify the ideal medical benefit plan to define the ideal and price competitive plan to meet the needs of the employees who qualify and enroll in the employer offered benefits.

Board Recruitment and Development

This service is offered to non-profit clients who request the enhancement, develop and training of existing and expansion of their current of board of directors. This subscription includes the onsite and scheduling of off-site recruitment, development, and training of Board of Directors

Strategic Planning

This service is targeted to Boards of Directors, Owners, and Management who desire an evaluation, analysis and off-site training (either as a weekend retreat or one to two day training) as a brainstorming exercise to develop or revise a new mission and vision statements or an evaluation of Management’s skill set to ensure the full commitment and redirection for future success of the company. This selection engages personnel as a cohesive unit solidifying their commitment.

Special Projects

This subscription is targeted for specialized projects agreed upon between the Owner, Executive Director or decision maker who request any additional projects that fall outside the descriptions listed above and will be priced according to the detailed description of time commitment and staff required to meet the specified time allotted.